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Handbuild custom offroad trailers from €8295

Why we build an offroad roof tent trailer.

We have set the goal to build the best value for money offroad roof tent trailer available in Europe. Why an offroad roof tent trailer, to give freedom, the possibility to go anywhere any time anyway.
No restrictions, go on and offroad. With this fast and easy setup.
Accommodation for two to four people. Lots off storage, limited self-supporting with optional extra's, water, electricity, etc..

Our adventure trailers are high quality custom-made trailers build for people who have specific wishes, demand for high quality and want to explore the world.
They are build to last, there strong, stable, rough and tough.

All our customers have their own wishes that is why you buy direct from the people that build them.We build what you want.

From 2022 we offer a small trailer for even more offroad capability, same quality, but basic. Put on your own rooftent or a high quality Offroadcamp rooftent and or awning.

Opt for extras or just do it yourself and start with a brand new base (certified, road legal) for your next offroad camping trip.

Quality has a pricetag, our trailers start at 8295 euro.
If you are interested in buying one off our trailers, you are welcome to visit us on appointment to see and feel the (rooftent)trailer. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment.

So that is why we say

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What you do really need?
Bigger is not always better in a offroadtrailer.

Trailer basics


Image Description

Suspension Explained

Welding table offroad trailer suspension explained. For single axle offroadtrailers. There is a always a discussion on suspension for 4wheeldrive 4x4 cars and the suspension on trailers. Customers ask us at adventure Trailer Europe we want big suspension with long travel. Because we need that when going offroad. But why. Take a look at the picture with this explanation. It is a weldingtable with some leftover pieces one with 4 legs being your 4x4 and hitched to it a piece with 2 legs being a single axle offroadtrailer. As you can see the 4x4 where only one leg lifted 3cm has a second leg high up in the air. It therefore needs a big suspension to compensate, to be able to get that high up in the air leg back on the ground to get grip and not getting stuck.
The trailer however has one leg lifted 8 cm which is almost 3 times as much as the 4x4 it still has the other leg firmly on the ground. Why because it tips using the trailer hitch as a hinge. Therefore the trailer does not need or even would not use the large suspension in offroad use. It is the same as a 3-legged stool vs a 4-legged stool. The one with 3 legs is always stable as where the one with for legs never is. So I hope this will clarify some things.

Come, feel, touch and talk trailers.

We want to stay in touch with you! Please follow us on social media so we can keep in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A rooftenttrailer is a trailer for a rooftoptent/rooftent as simple as that.

It is possible to tow it with any car. However the design (and size) is made specially for 4x4's and large SUV's.

Sorry our main goal is to design, build and sell a complete product. The trailer is designed to function as a whole unit and is optimized to have to most joyful experience as it is, including tent, kitchen etc..

As with all things you don't need it, but it makes camping easier, you don't have to break up camp for shopping or short trips. It carries loads of extra luggage. It can be used as a extra for the kids, etc............................

No, we sell directly to our end-customers, the end-user. So you buy direct from the people that build the trailer for you. This benefits the customer by a lower price as there are no unnecessary links in the chain to make misstakes on your new trailer.

No, even though we normally have 1 or 2 ready trailers in stock. If trailers are in stock they the need to be certified to get paperwork. Mostly however there will be a delivery time depending up on extra's, time of year, etc. this can be up to 3 months. The time is also depending on suppliers which have an average supply time off 8-12 weeks on parts.
So be smart order your trailer on time.


​A mix of African and Australian Adventure combined,
designed in and for Europe.


Still have questions?

Please sent us an email with your questions in English, German or Dutch. 


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The Netherlands   


Telefoon +31 653 393 859
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Open on appointment


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Commercial info

Chamber of Commerce (KVK) 70845425
VAT (BTW) nr. NL001886144B68
Bank NL68 RABO 0327 2346 36

Previous trailer ATXL, Manual no longer available!

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