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You can buy your Adventure Trailer as a base to build it further yourself. However it can be fitted with one or more of our options from our shop.

Some of the options it can be equipped with are optional side boxes, to be used for more storage or as a kitchen worktop. There is a roofrack available and supports for an awning.
Even a swing away spare wheel carrier on the back with a full-size spare can be chosen.
Supportlegs can be added either straight or folded. 

Of course, we can support you with a top range rooftent and awning from Offroadcamp (offroadcamp.info) with free installation or you can bring you own.

We offer even more then we can fit here. So if you have special wishes just let us know and we will work on it together.

So that is why we say
and start your adventure today!


ATS 178*

The base to start with its box size of 178x125x70 cm and 2 side doors. It has room for 1500 liter storage. Standard with out roofrack.

ATS 125*

The base to start with with its box size of 125x125x70 cm it has room for 1000 liter storage. Standard with out roofrack. 

The low roof rack

Made from galavised steel, to last and to endure. Can be used for storage. But made to mount the roof top tent with it's standard mountingbrackets.

Awning Support***

Our awning support for the low rack comes in 4 parts. The extensions to get the height and the mounts for the awning that fit the extensions but also the rack for save travel.

The high roof rack

Made from galavised steel, to last and to endure. Is popular because it can be used for storage and mount the roof top tent. It also give easy access to tents that need to be entered from below.

Awning Support***

Our awning support for the high rack comes in 2 or 1 part(optional). 

1 Side Box

Our fully allumiunium 5 bar chequer plate storage box. Can be fitted either left or right. It can be used for storage or as a work or kitchen unit.

2 Side Boxes

What is better then one side box, two offcourse. Fitted on both sides to be used for storage and or work, kitchen unit.

Wooden inlay for sidebox

This wooden kitchenboard for the sidebox is made from reclaimed wood with two layers of clear lacker. It can have scratches and small dents.

Alternative to two sideboxes

one-side with 2 x 20L black Jerrycans and black aluminium mountingframes with 3 black straps.
Also possible on front or highrack.

Swing away sparewheel carrier

Our Swing away sparewheel carrier on the back.

Spare wheel**

Full spare wheel with aluminium rim and corresponding tire.

Rooftent 140

Offroadcamp classic greydition 140 rooftent. Visist offroadcamp.info for more info

Rooftent 160

Offroadcamp classic greydition 160 rooftent. Visist offroadcamp.info for more info

Awning 200

Offroadcamp Awning 200 x 250 ideal for this trailersize
Also in 250x300 available

Fixed Lock SCM

Fixed security lock, with lock and keys.

Stabilizing legs

2 rear supportlegs that rotate and extent by crankhandle with extra length

Front leg
Stabilizing legs

2 front only supportlegs

Light and power outlets

in Sidebox or front compartment ATS178 (Optional in combination with Battery, charging, connections 230V etc..)
€ 149,00


Battery, charging, inverter, connections 230V, CEE, solar etc..


Battery, charging, connections 230V, CEE, solar etc..

Drawer ATS178****

Drawer with heavy duty stainless steel slides. 
€ 349

Other rims and lugnutsize

Specific rims and tire wishes.

Jerrycans and Sandboards

Jerrycans, sandboards and other extra's

Other ideas and wishes

Other ideas and wishes to add to your ATE Trailer

Download our calculation form

You want a indication on the price of a trailer. Download the excel sheet and find out.
But remember we offer more then on this list. So with specific wishes mail us.

Didn't see your option?

NEED A ROOFTENT or awning?


Combine the Adventure Trailer Europe ATS black edition trailer with a Offroadcamp Greydition rooftent order them together and have it installed by us.
This rooftent with its black cover gives the ATS Black edition trailer the ultimate finish.
For more info on the Offroadcamp rooftents vistit the website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We normally have 1 or 2 ready trailers in stock, If trailers are in stock and if as is sold can be taken directly after full payment. Mostly however there will be a delivery time depending up on extra's, time of year, etc. this can be up to 3 months. The time is also depending on suppliers which have an average supply time off 12-14 weeks on parts.
So be smart order your trailer on time. 

No, we sell directly to our end-customers, the end-user. This benefits the customer by a lower price as there are no unnecessary links in the chain.

Sorry our main goal is to design, build and sell a complete product. The trailer is designed to function as a whole unit and is optimized to have to most joyful experience as it is........

It is possible to tow it with any car. However the design (and size) is made specially for 4x4's and large SUV's.
Even our small trailer isn't small!

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All prices can be changed without prior notice. (Off course not after final sales agreement) All offers valid for two weeks. POR = Price On Request.


Sparewheel only in combination with optional sparewheelcarrier. 


Awing support only in combination with optional rooftoptentframe.


Only in combination with sidedoor drawer ca. 42x80x7cm.

Still have questions?

Please sent us an email with your questions in English, German or Dutch. 


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